In case you haven’t already realized it I’m a *huge* fan of the Hunger Games series.  If you haven’t read it may I strongly encourage you to do so?  You won’t be sorry I assure you.

At any rate I was lucky enough to have an awesome friend (who shall remain nameless until such time as she tells me I can name her) who generously sent me a copy of Catching Fire in the mail so I could read.  Can I tell you I was *not* disappointed in it.   Moving on….anyway, Amy of My Friend Amy and I were chatting one evening on Twitter about Catching Fire and who we thought Katniss should ultimately end up with and Team Peeta was born.

Further chatting had us discussing how we can best display our team spirit and voila the Team Peeta button was born!

Isn’t it pretty?  **pets**


Now I know many of you haven’t read the book yet (only a few more weeks to go) so I won’t spoil anything for you here, but I will say that Peeta is da MA-AAN!

**added by popular demand (and because I’m all about being fair and spreading the good will) I’ve also created a Team Gale button for those who have a preference for him!


**** adding again — because I want everyone to have what they want here is the last button of the series.  Feel free to shout out for our girl!


Feel free to snag the button for display.  Wear it loud, wear it proud!