seriespaloozaHooray! Hooray!  SeriesPalooza is here!

The time has finally arrived where we’re all going to have a good excuse to take the time to dedicate ourselves, and reading, *only* to the books in a series (or multiple series).  For this week starting today  December 14 through December 20 (Sunday at midnight EST) Seriespalooza will be in full effect.  How does it work?  Well, participants will read only books in a series they are either currently reading or are wanting to start. It’s a relaxed affair where you can read at your leisure so there isn’t any pressure. It’s just a great excuse to dip into the pile of books you want to read instead of those you may have scheduled to read as a result of other obligations.

As part of the fun, over the course of the week I’ve got a couple of awesome guest posts and anything I have to say will be exclusively about series books and authors. Not only that but you can follow all the fun using the Twitter hashtag #seriespalooza. Oh and because no party is complete without presents I’ll also be dipping into my bag of tricks to award prizes for people who are participating!

Because of my move and the fact that all my books are tucked away in boxes at the moment my reading plans have shifted a bit.  I’m still hoping to dig out a few books that I originally listed but thankfully I have recently acquired a copy of Susan Beth Pfeffer’s The World We Live In, the third in her moon series, via NetGalley so I’ll be starting there.  I still hope to get to the fourth in Marsden’s series as well.

If you’re participating I’d love to hear what you are going to read, how you’re doing over the course of the week and just general chatter about SeriesPalooza.  If you happen to post please come on back and add a link to the comments here so all of us participating can come on over to chat and cheer you on. Of course posting is *not* required to participate only encouraged :)

Welcome to SeriesPalooza!  Let the fun commence!