anchorAhoy matey!

Are you up for a challenge?  Well, a mini-challenge that is!

What’s that you say?  Yes?  Well then adjust that eye patch and perch a parrot on your shoulder because the Bloggiesta Anchors Aweigh Mini Challenge is sidling up to the docks!

Just in case you haven’t heard the fabulously ingenious Natasha from Maw Books Blog has put together an amazing three day Blogstravaganza where we challengers are going to be all about gussying things up around our digital homes.

Anyway, as part of this momentous occasion Natasha is generously offering up a multitude of prizes and giveaways.

Pssstt….this is where I come in.

If you take part in the fun little mini-challenge below you’ll be entered to win one of the fabulous Bloggiesta gifts viewed at Maw Books.   So put on your sea legs because I’ll be your cruise director through this mini-challenge about creating links using anchor text.

**puts on digital teacher hat**

What is anchor text you ask?  Well it’s the actual text that you use for your link.

Example:  Click here to visit Maw Books Blog

As you can see “click here” is our anchor text because it’s the link your mouse clicks on to take you somewhere else.

Why, you ask, is this important to know about?  Well because some search engines actually index and rank blogs based on links.  This means that in the above link the blog’s search engine ranking would be low because “click here” isn’t descriptive of the actual location to which a user is being sent.

A better way to create the same link so that a blog will rank higher in search engine results is:

Click here to visit Maw Books Blog

Creating a link this way places the emphasis on the name of the blog as compared to the less descriptive text.

Just in case you need a little extra help check out another tutorial on this subject from the Blogging Tips Group.

Alright, here is the challenge.  Mini-style!

Reply to this post and include in the body of your message a link using the above referenced best practice.  Doing so will enter you to win one of the amazing prizes listed at this Bloggiesta post.