4 Upper Body Exercises That Will Boost Your Confidence On The Beach

Summer is here, and we all know what that means. It’s time to pull your bathing suits out of the closet and hit the beach. If you’re struggling with your body confidence this year and want to get fit for a late summer vacation, there are several exercises you can do to tone up. Here are some highly effective upper body exercises that will boost your confidence on the beach this summer.

Triceps kickbacks
If you are feeling self-conscious about your triceps, this exercise is perfect for you. Triceps kickbacks can help you tone the back of your arms quickly to create a slim, sexy look for bathing suit season. And doing the exercise is simple. All you need are a couple light hand weights and a weight bench. To start, place your knee and arm on the weight bench while in standing position. Make sure that you feel comfortable and stable. Slowly bend your body forward, keeping the arm holding the weight bent at a 90 degree angle. In a slow, fluid motion, raise the hand weight back. You should feel a slight burning in your triceps. Do ten reps and three sets during the day. Just make sure you rest for a moment in between sets!

Hammer curls
Chances are you’ve probably seen people at the gym doing this exercise. It’s a very popular exercise because it’s highly effective at improving muscle tone. Hammer curls are a great exercise for those hoping to work out both their forearms and biceps. To do a hammer curl, you need a set of light weights and that’s it! Begin the exercise in a comfortable standing position, and use your abdominal muscles to stabilize your body. Hold the weights in a vertical position, keeping your arms straight by your sides without locking your elbows. Using a slow, controlled motion, bend your arms until the weights reach shoulder level then lower them again. Commit to doing three sets of 15 hammer curls a few times a week, and your arms will be toned up before you know it!

Traditional or modified push-ups
If you want to tone your upper body quickly, there’s no better exercise than push-ups! And don’t worry if you aren’t able to manage a traditional push-up, modified ones are also a great workout. These exercises are great for several different muscle groups, not just your arms. They help to tone your shoulders and chest, as well as your back and core. To complete this exercise, find your nearest workout mat or blanket and lie face down with your arms and feet (or knees) supporting your body. Use your arms and core muscles to push your body upward slowly, then down again. Try to do three sets of 10-15 push-ups, but don’t feel discouraged if you aren’t able to when you first start. Push-ups are a difficult exercise for many people!

Pullovers are a great way to tone multiple muscle groups quickly and effectively. Because they can be a pretty intense exercise for beginners, it is best to choose a lighter weight to start. You will need access to a weight bench for optimal results. Lie on your back on the bench. Hold your light weight using two hands and slowly raise your arms above your head. They should be parallel to your body. Use a fluid movement to lift the weight upward so that your arms are perpendicular with your chest. Ideally, you will want to do 3 sets of 15 pullovers for optimal results, but it may take a little work to get there. Don’t be discouraged. Pullovers are similar to push-ups in that they are a difficult exercise for beginners.

If you are hoping to improve your muscle tone for your next trip to the beach, there are several effective ways you can do it. Try incorporating triceps kickbacks, hammer curls, push-ups and pullovers into your workout routine. You’ll be amazed at the results!

Author Bio: Jennifer Klaus is a personal trainer and fitness writer. She teaches group fitness classes at her gym where she focuses on helping others strengthen their shoulders and arms with targeted upper body exercises. She also enjoys helping clients meet their fitness goals with customized workout plans from http://www.fittr.com/.

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