Why You Need Cashmere

Making fashion choices can be hard, especially if you want to invest in a few key pieces that will add some flair to your wardrobe for years to come. Looks come and go, and it’s difficult to pick an instant classic out of a crowded catwalk.

Fortunately, there are some cast iron certainties you can rely on to guide you to a wardrobe of timelessly stylish pieces that will see you through seasons of changes. There are classic patterns like Breton stripes that Coco Chanel brought in in 1917 and have never gone out since, that you can rely on to add some timeless appeal to your wardrobe, while you avoide more complex patterns and prints that tend to peak in popularity and then drop away. This isn’t to say they’re bad options but if you’re looking for something timeless, the boldest thing the season has to offer is rarely it’s most lasting.

Another way to tell a classic piece that’s an asset to your wardrobe is to look at the material. Cashmere is a byword for quality and fashion – a classic material that’s been used for years by the best designers and manufacturers to make high quality fashion pieces that last longer than you might expect. Well cared for cashmere could last for 30 years, so you know you’ll be choosing something that’ll be an asset to your wardrobe for years to come.

It’s also a versatile material. Looking for cashmere doesn’t just mean choosing a maroon jumper. Some designers in boutique fashion houses are using cashmere to push into new directions, from athleisure to pet clothing!

Where cashmere really shines, however, is when the clothes allow comfort to come to the fore. Cashmere is a supremely soft material, made from the downy fur of a specific species of goat – only six and a half tons of cashmere can be made each year! That means that it’s soft and warm and ideal for leisure wear. Just look at the cashmere onesie from Chinti & Parker for an example of the finest wool in the world doing exactly what it does best.

Picking cashmere means you’re choosing pieces to last, both in the world of fashion, and quite simply physically. They’ll be in your wardrobe for years to come and get taken out regularly to style up an outfit whenever you need a touch of classic style.

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