Five Crazy Ways To Get Fit

You don’t need to have an interest in competitive sports to be interested in getting fit. Sometimes people just want a fun way to stay in shape. So here as some options for people who just want something a little different.


Alternatively known as parkour, free-running has been taking the globe by storm since it came to public attention in the 1980s, largely though the film Casino Royale. Since then, it has been featured in numerous films and now has been the subject of a film called Run. The activity is not officially classed as a sport, although it incorporates elements of athletics and gymnastics. It is also deliberately non-competitive and requires no equipment. Its practitioners tend to be located in urban environments and make use of the opportunities they offer.


Skipping has come a long way from the school playground. It’s always been recognized as a good form of exercise and has been used as such by professional athletes for generations. Boxers in particular use it as an all-around workout. These days, however, skipping has been crossed with dancing to create an all-new form of exercise. It can be done individually or in a group and requires minimal equipment.


Not the cheapest way to get fit and it generally requires a team of people to make it worthwhile, but many people find it great fun and if you really get stuck in, you’ll burn off a whole lot of calories. Ideally you should head to an old-fashioned paintball area, out of doors, where you’re guaranteed to do plenty of running about. If there’s nothing like that near you or if you just prefer to avoid the elements, there are plenty of indoor equivalents, just make sure that you keep on the move, which is also a good way to avoid getting shot.

Inline Skating

You don’t have to have the balance of a top gymnast to wear a pair of skates. Actually inline skates are a whole lot more stable than they look and even the least athletic will be able to learn the basic skills of going forwards, stopping and turning. Once these have been mastered, the next question is what do you want to do?  Just skating around will burn off plenty calories and there are numerous other options from skate-dance to street hockey. Skating obviously requires a pair of skates and many skaters buy knee, wrist and elbow pads and a helmet as well.


If you’ve ever fancied being a superhero, powerbocking may be the activity for you. You’ll need to buy yourself a pair of jumping stilts, like Powerisers and you may wish to wear protective gear as for skating. The basic action of striding is very intuitive, even for those with minimal athletic skills and then after that it’s down to you how far you want to go. Some people use jumping stilts as an alternative to running, but those who wish can learn to do incredible leaps and tricks.

About the author:
The author likes to keep fit but has never been into competitive sport.  She’s tried most of the sports on this list and live to tell the tale.  These days she get most of her exercise walking her dog.  She also enjoys photography, in particular urban landscapes and portraits, including animal portraits.

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