How to Find Genuine Designer Clothes Online ?

Online is an excellent place for shopping. You can find anything you could possibly need and often get it at a lower price. The problem is when it comes to designer clothes. Unless you go straight to a website you can trust, how do you know if the designer goods are genuine? There are many conmen selling fake designer clothes through websites that look legitimate.

While many of the same tips for searching for designer clothes apply, it is harder when looking online. The photos may not be genuine ones of the product and you can’t check the stitching beforehand. Here are some tips to make sure your clothes are genuine designer ones when shopping online.

1.      Check Out the Returns Policy: The first thing you need to do is look at a store’s returns policy. This should have a clause about your ability to return the goods for a full refund. Designer clothes are eligible for refunds so if you don’t see something then shop warily. You should find out who you need to talk to, who will cover the shipping and how long it takes to get a refund.

2.      Check Out the Prices: Stores selling fake goods usually sell them at hugely discounted prices. This is because the quality is just so poor that they don’t need to sell them for a lot to make a profit. They also want to entice people into buying by having designer clothes at such a low rate. Before you opt for the price, really think about it. Designer goods will rarely be any more than 50% of the retail price (and that only happens in exceptional circumstances!). If something seems too good to be true, it probably is!

3.      Talk to the Companies: There is nothing wrong with sending a quick email to the company or calling them on the phone. You can find out about how the clothes are made, where they come from and why they are so much cheaper than in other stores. Listen to the way the people answer and read between the lines. Those who are selling genuine clothes will be happy to share the information to put your mind at ease. Those selling knock-off goods will usually avoid your questions and try to get you to sell.

4.      Read the Reviews: There will be people who have tried out a company before you. They will have bought a pair of jeans or jacket without thinking and then realised that they’re not the real deal. Check out the reviews online to see what people are saying about the company. Make sure you look through the pros and cons – sometimes bad reviews are linked to the delivery and not the actual products!

If you don’t see anything about the company, this is a bad sign! It is a new business and there aren’t many people buying from it yet. Don’t be the guinea pig, even if the price is tempting.

Protect yourself when buying designer goods online. While you can’t check the stitching, the material or the labels, you can still use other tricks to make sure they are genuine products. This will protect you in the long run so you don’t lose out on money.

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This guest post was written by Jack Ignatieff, a shopping enthusiast. He regularly checks the internet for great deals on designer products. You can get genuine Voi Jeans from at a price you can afford!

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