Why Opt For A Tux Rental

Tuxedos are a great way for a man to step out in style for a formal occasion. Tuxedos show that their wearer has good taste and a great sense of style. They guarantee that you will make the best impression when going for any formal gathering. They can be used for a wide range of special occasions such as gala events, weddings, orchestra concert, and more. However, due to their great fashion appeal they can be quite expensive to buy. The best alternative is to seek a tux rental service which will provide you with a tuxedo on hire whenever you need one. There are many companies offering such services and currently the internet has made it possible for you to find such quite easily. You can now complete the rental process from the comfort of your home and have it delivered.

However, before you open a search engine and start looking there are certain things you should know about the style, colors, and options available to you. First, let us address the possible color choices. Formal events are synonymously called black tie events for a reason. Black tuxedos are the traditional and timeless option. Black is a classy color that blends seamlessly with any other color combination that may be present at the event. Fashion experts will tell you that you can never go wrong with a black tuxedo and fashion history proves them right. White and grey variations can also be successfully pulled off in a limited set of circumstances.Avoid all the other colors especially bright colors such as sky blue, red, and yellow. While they may seem fun for the moment, they are likely to make you look bad in hindsight.

Second, let’s address the issue of style options. Tuxedos come in a wide variety of different styles, based on certain components. The first component is the breast. They can be either single or double breasted. The single breasted version comes in a one-two or three-four button variations. It is excellent for men who are taller and have a slender or well built body type. The straight and clean lines created by this type, enhance the appearance of the wearer. Double breasted is suitable for short men with a stout body type. This design hides the girth of the wearer creating a classic lean look.

The second component is the design of the back of the tuxedo. This can be either tailed or cutaway. Tails are a truly traditional option. However, they are quite difficult to pull off as they require tall, proportional, and well built body types. Cutaway design has swallowtail lines that enhance the image of any body type.

The last component is the design of the collar and lapel. A peaked lapel is good for shorter men as it creates a long and lean image for the wearer. Shawl collars are good for men who are large in size as it creates a slimming effect. The banded or mandarin collar is excellent for tall men with long and slender necks. Choose wisely and you are guaranteed to look stylish.

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