Shopping Books Welcomes Your Baby into the World of Words

Reading to babies has a lot of benefits. Some parents may wonder that what is the use of reading to an infant, as the baby would not understand anything. But you speak to your baby and sing lullabies, though he/she does not understand anything. Similarly, you should read to your little one, right from his/her initial months.

Reading aloud stimulates the senses in your baby. Reading introduces the concepts of shapes, colors, numbers and letters to your baby. It contributes to the development of vocabulary, memory and listening skills in babies. It also helps the baby get acquainted with the world around. The next time you go for shopping for your baby, do not forget to include some books in your list.

Reading Books to Babies improves their Language Skills

As a matter of fact, a baby learns all the sounds used when his/her native language is spoken, merely by the age of one year. Reading stories aloud to your child, makes him/her exposed to a large number of words, which would help the baby to talk better. Below are mentioned some of the benefits of reading to babies.

  • When a baby hears words, it helps in building a large network of words, in the brain of the baby. When parents talk or read frequently to their baby, the child comes to know more number of words by the age of 2 years than children whose parents do not read to them.
  • Reading involves the use of different expressive sounds and emotions. When your baby is subjected to reading, it helps in the emotional and social development. Reading also gives opportunity to your child to look, touch, point and answer questions. These contribute to the development of thinking skills.
  • Reading helps in the improvement of language skills in your baby, as the child learns different words, recognizes pictures and imitates sounds.
  • One of the most beneficial factors of reading aloud is that it builds a connection between you and your baby, and also connects the baby to books. When you spend time with your baby reading books, it shows the baby that reading is a vital skill that needs to be learnt. If you read with joy and excitement to your child, they tend to associate books with happiness. This helps to create budding readers.

Here are some tips on how to read to your baby:

  • Cuddle your baby while reading, as it makes the baby feels connected to you, and also feels warm and safe.
  • While reading, pitch you voice lower or higher, to give good expressions. You can also use different voices for the various characters.
  • No need to follow the text exactly. Stop at times to ask questions to your child. You can also comment on the text or pictures in the book. At first, the child would not respond, but gradually, he/she will begin responding to what you speak and act.
  • Make reading a fun activity. You can do so by bouncing the baby on your knees, making funny sounds and singing nursery rhymes.
  • Repetition is the way in which babies learn. So go for reading the same books again and again. While reading these books, also repeat your acts and expressions.
  • As the baby grows older, make him/her to touch or hold the book. Babies often tend to chew books, but that is their way to find out how the book feels, and also realize that the book is not meant to be eaten.

There are many companies and website which offer you wonderful books for babies.


Thus, reading has enormous benefits. Read more and more books to your little one to promote his/her mental, emotional and social development.

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