Summer Marquee Wedding Themes

Even though it’s set up temporarily for a single occasion, a marquee allows you the space to capture that special event away from the norm. It offers you the opportunity to welcome your guests to a wedding reception at home – without the mess!


The types of marquees can be flexible regarding shape, allowing you to choose from square, rectangle, and L shape.

The size is determined by your number of guests, with them all allowing you to put your personal stamp all over your day. Traditional marquees offer that romantic appearance we envisage of swooping lines, style and elegance, allowing you to have a large number of guests.

Pagodas (aka Chinese hat) are ideal for the smaller intimate wedding, even as an entrance feature into the larger marquee.


Choice of ceiling decorations are plentiful. Using subtle textures with silks, swags and scarves offer depth and luxury.

Ribbons and bunting keeps your party in theme, with fairy lighting enhancing the colour scheme. Starlit ceilings accompanied with chandeliers can capture a magical feel and atmosphere.

On the other hand, a blackened out ceiling with minimal lighting would provide a romantic and warmth feeling.

Themes for summer weddings can be varied to suit ones personality and showcase the image they want to portray.

It will also dictate style. It can be bright and bold through using intense colour and simplicity.

A Cinderella styled theme can be aided with fountains, sculptures, jewelled and loose gem decorations. A traditional take on a white wedding, with roses, candles and feathers can provide a beautiful ambience.

For a more cultured individual, why not opt for something along the lines of exotic flowers to shake things up.

Providing some light background music can also add a vibrant atmosphere and help your guests soak up the elements around them.

Colour schemes will help you set the mood and tone for your whole event.

Right from the minute your guests receive the invitation to the thank you cards you send later, the colour you pick sets the wheels in motion.

You want your guests to take away something special at the end of the day. Don’t be afraid to offer a colour combo, as this is a great way to show an intense and soft structure to the day ahead.


Why not start the trend and have a natural eco-friendly centrepiece like citrus fruits or vegetables topped with flowers.

The options to choose from are limitless and can include varieties like: feathers, mirrors, shells, and bird cages to name but a few.

You can have one or more of these named items to display to your guests.

Your centrepieces usually falls in between the lines of your colour, theme, and even season.

Whatever you decide to choose for your day will be perfect as long as you’re marrying the person you love.

So start thinking and get planning, and make your special day in the marquee the highlight of everybody’s calendar with lasting talk of wonder and awe.

Susan Graham is a freelance blogger who writes on all things wedding.

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