Six Tips For Getting Fit This Summer

The prospect of either wearing clothes to cover up or baring unfit flesh often encourages people to use the summer time to get out and get fit. For those who are planning on starting a new fitness plan, here are some top tips.

Set Realistic Goals

Getting from unfit to fit does not happen overnight. It’s a process. If you try to do too much too soon, then at best you’ll be de-motivated, at worst you could actually injure yourself. On the other hand, if you don’t set goals, or if you’re too conservative with them, you risk missing out on your full potential.

Make Exercise Enjoyable

Choose activities you really like, rather than just choosing an activity because it’s convenient or because you think it’s the right way to reach your end goals. If you hate running, there’s very little to be gained by forcing yourself to run to work just to burn calories. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll stick long-term with something you hate and even if you do, what’s to be gained by making yourself miserable?

Forget About Trying To Burn Fat Off Specific Body Areas

If you are carrying fat then exercise will cause it to be burned off from the various parts of your body in an order determined by your genetic make-up. There is no exercise in this world which will burn fat off one specific area before your body decides that it’s ready to start using that fat. What you can do is exercise to tone muscle in certain parts of your body. This will often improve your overall appearance even before the fat starts to come off.

The same goes for diets. Eating healthily will help you to lose weight overall but there’s no wonder food which will burn fat off any specific body area.

Remember To Account For The Heat

Exercise generates heat, which is great in winter but means that people need to take care in summer. The best time to exercise outdoors is before the sun gets strong but if you’re limited to exercising in the day, at lunchtime for example, remember to listen to your body and keep well hydrated.

Get The Right Footwear

Your regular trainers or sandals may not be suitable for use in strenuous activities. Although trainers began as sports footwear, many modern trainers are designed for nothing more strenuous than walking the streets. As protecting your feet is so important it can be worth going into a proper sports shop with knowledgeable staff and spending some money on good-quality footwear.

Schedule In Some Downtime

Your muscles need some downtime, so it’s important to have some time off from exercise. A fitness plan is a good reason to treat yourself. Bath kits can help soothe body and mind. Even if you’re usually a shower person, making time to have a good soak once a week or so will be appreciated by your muscles. This is also a good opportunity to review your progress and to see how close you are to achieving your goals.

About The Author:
James does do fitness but doesn’t do heat.  Fortunately living in Scotland this is generally not a problem.  Most of the exercise she takes comes courtesy of her collie dog, but she also likes cycling, inline skating and swimming.  When the weather is too hot to go out, she stays indoors and play backgammon and poker.

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