The Six Best Tips for Plus Size Layered Look

Plus-sized ladies across the country are finally becoming more confident with their bodies. They are realizing they do not have to hide behind baggy and dowdy clothing all of the time. When they want to try out the layered look, what are some tips for them to keep in mind?

Tip #1: Don’t Overstuff

Putting on too many layers or a few really thick ones is only going to make a larger person look even bigger. Plus-sized ladies should look for lighter clothes with which to layer. For example, a long camisole under a t-shirt is going to look just fine. However, a tank top under a long sleeve shirt under a t-shirt really runs the risk of looking stuffy.

Tip #2: Watch The Pants

Over-layering on top can definitely be a problem, and it’s an issue that can manifest on the bottom too. Sometimes, ladies will want to bundle up when it’s cold outside. A pair of leggings under jeans or pants at work is usually fine; however, trying to stuff sweatpants or any other baggy type of pant in there is going to lead to a lot of problems.

Tip #3: Avoid The Puff

Puffy clothes are a trend right now, and they have been for several years. Not only can these clothes make ladies look larger, but they can make them appear swollen as well. Puffy vests and jackets are not really the friends of those who purchase plus-size fashions. Nice, comfortable sweaters and warm down jackets do the trick just fine without adding on the unnecessary weight.

Tip #4: Don’t Layer Everything

Ladies should also avoid having layers all over the place. Too much layering can result in an overall puffy appearance. This rule is often applicable to anyone who is layer. It’s important to pick one part of the body to layer the clothes on to for a stylish statement that is appealing on and flattering to the body.

Tip #5: Layer in Other Ways

Some ladies might look in the mirror and be completely displeased at every layering endeavor they try. Still though, they love the style. Instead of layering clothes, they can consider layering necklaces, scarves or bracelets. By doing so, they are still within the trend, but they are not making themselves appear frumpy in any manner.

Tip #6: Consider The Purpose

Now, some of these rules might not apply depending upon the purpose. Ladies going for a run in the middle of the winter, for example, do not have to worry so much about looking puffy. Instead, they want to focus on what is going to keep them warm. Knowing when to follow the rules and knowing when they do not apply are both parts of becoming a truly fashionable diva.

Plus-size ladies might think that they have to stay away from certain trends because there’s no way they would look flattering on them. While some styles are absolutely better than others, these ladies can play around with different articles of clothing and styles to find ones that are really suited to their bodies.

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